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Memorial Garden

Historically, Christians have laid their family members to rest in a churchyard adjacent to their church, where they can come to pray and reflect on their loved ones’ lives. Suburban churches have had difficulty honoring this tradition due to a lack of space. Our Memorial Garden, as a consecrated place to preserve our loved ones’ ashes, or cremated remains (“cremains”) honors the tradition of the churchyard cemetery, near the church and parishioners that we love.

The Garden is located on our campus, behind the Richards House, just west of Sewanee Hall. Under the afternoon shade of the overhanging banyan trees, it is a peaceful place to rest, meditate and pray. The Memorial Garden features a large stone cross on the west side and a fountain in the center, surrounded by foliage and comfortable benches.

The columbarium wall, containing engraved niches that can accommodate two urns of ashes, is located on the north side of the Garden. A Memorial Wall to the right of the entry gate will contain engraved plaques memorializing those whose ashes are interred in the grounds of the Garden. To the left of the entry gate is a Remembrance Wall with engraved plaques to honor deceased family members and friends.

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St. Francis Garden





All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all

Located on the West wall of the church across from Sewanee Hall the St. Francis garden is a place to commemorate our beloved pets, both living and dead, in gratitude to God for the many ways they help us know the love of God.

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